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  1. Zatqer

    CAP 33 - Art Submissions

    WIP beluga whale submarine it has bubble of air on its head as a pocket of air to breathe and it has other bubbles on its body cos they look like submarine windows and it has a periscope-looking water fountain from its blowhole probably needs more tweaks on deisgn edit: better version...
  2. Zatqer

    Zatqer’s Paintings

    art for SV OU - Next Best Thing the shirt originally had a pokeball on it but the text wouldnt fit inside so i had to settle with ……..the next best thing
  3. Zatqer

     The Workshop

    finished, here you go
  4. Zatqer

     The Workshop

    can take this one
  5. Zatqer

    Zatqer’s Paintings

    twitter link yet again because smogon refuses to upload my files!!! “The uploaded file is too large”, as if!!! its only like 2000x2000px!!!!! i will riot
  6. Zatqer

    CAP 33 - Art Submissions

    WIP some iterations for a circus hippo thing, based on the fact that hippos are bulky but also can run at 30 mph (7mph faster than Usain Bolt) and can outrun any human in a chase circus idea to make the hippo being fast be more obvious
  7. Zatqer

    CAP 33 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Dark/Poison Dragon/Poison Water/Fairy Grass/Steel Water/Flying
  8. Zatqer

    Zatqer’s Paintings

    twitter link as smogon is very cringe and does not allow me to upload the real file
  9. Zatqer

    CAP 33 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

    Identity Crisis
  10. Zatqer

    Zatqer’s Paintings

    thing for 2 friends
  11. Zatqer

    Zatqer’s Paintings

    article art (for this
  12. Zatqer

    New Name and Profile Change Requests (Yet Again) [READ THE OP]

    i forgot about this but yeah requesting unlock since its been (much more than) 1 month oki--mari
  13. Zatqer

    Zatqer’s Paintings

  14. Zatqer

     OC Central

  15. Zatqer

    CAP 32 Prevos - Stage 2 - Name Poll 1

    Poligoblin Willisilli
  16. Zatqer

     You're Not My Type

    we’re waiting every night to finally roam and invite
  17. Zatqer

    CAP 32 - Part 14 - Shiny Palette Poll 2

    Bloopyghost memesketch Scizivire
  18. Zatqer

    CAP 32 - Part 12 - Sprite Poll 2

    Z-nogyroP BigWarmLoaf